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NEAT Pre-Registration Information

Greetings potential NEAT Fair Pilot!

Pre-registration for the NEAT fair is now open. Online forms will be available until approximately August 26th. After this date you will have to sign up at the show and pay the higher rates. Pre-registered pilots that do not pay (with paypal or check received by our treasurer by snail mail) by Thursday Aug 30th will be dropped from the pre-reg list and will have to sign up at the field and pay the higher rate

Also please note that you MUST be a paid up AMA member to pre-register (Yes we are checking as you sign up!)

Please also note that if you plan on signing up for our lunch time demo flights, you MUST pre-register first in order to be able to register for a demo flight. Your payment (by either method) must be received by August 15th to be considered for the lunchtime demos.

Before proceeding to fill out the pre-registration form on our website, please read the following.

We are accepting payment by Paypal this year. If you do not have an account, how about starting one? It’s easy, secure and free! www.paypal.com

NOTE: There have been some changes made for this year’s show, so please read all the following very carefully!

Pilots are strongly encouraged to pre-register for the event. This will help us plan the event, and it will save you time and money. As an additional incentive, pre-registered pilots will double their chances of winning the pilot’s raffle. Two tickets will be put into the raffle box for pre-registered pilots, and only one for at the field registered pilots. Vendors have been very generous in previous years and many great prizes are available!


The flying fee will be a flat rate of $20 for pre-registered pilots and $25 at the field. The fees you pay us are only for flying, a nominal per person fee will be charged to anyone coming on the grounds unless they are already staying at the campsite. This fee will be collected by Peaceful Valley and we do not see a penny of it. It is their incentive for allowing us to have the fair on their property. Overnight reservations and accommodation fees at Peaceful Valley are the responsibility of each modeler to make and pay Peaceful Valley directly. Call Peaceful Valley at 607-363-2211 for information about these fees.

NOTE: AMA junior members (cannot turn 19 anytime in this calender year) fly free if an accompanying Senior or Open AMA member registers also. If they register alone, fees are as listed.

Tee-Shirts and Hats

You can buy up to 3 NEAT fair tee-shirts and 2 hats at the same time you register for the NEAT fair! Tee shirts are $13 each and hats are $13 each. (Click here for Tee-Shirt and Hat artwork) The conformation email will have the total amount, and you can send in a single payment for everything. ONLY pre-registering pilots can order hats/tee-shirts which will be picked-up at the HQ tent when you pick up your registration package.


Stand alone (no guide-wire) canopies/tents of no larger than 10ft x 10ft in the pit areas are encouraged. "Dinning fly" canopies with their rope supports intrude into the next pit area. If this is all you have, then please plan to set-up your pit area in the "fringes".

Only pre-registered pilots may set up on the flightline prior to Wednesday morning AND they must be staying AT THE CAMPGROUND from the time the canopy is dropped. There is NO "drop and go" allowed. Only one spot can be reserved with dropped equipment per pre-registered pilot. Any equipment found on Wednesday without the name of that pilot prominently displayed somewhere in the spot (sign on canopy/trailer/vehicle or ground) will be removed and set aside in the Spectator lot. In addition, if we find any flightline spot (regardless of whether they are a pre-reg pilot or not) unoccupied by 9am Friday morning, the canopy will be taken down and the spot given to a new arrival.

Battery charging

Battery charging will be the sole responsibility of the modeler. The NEAT Fair organizers will have a few 12V lead acid batteries for emergencies, available at the HQ tent, but they are not intended for regular use.

LI-poly batteries are NOT to be charged unattended UNLESS they are put in firebox type containers while charging. Covered Pyrex bowls are also acceptable. Anyone found charging Li-Poly batteries in their models or out in the open, unattended, will have their flying privileges revoked.

No Transmitter Impound

We will NOT be impounding either 72mhz or 2.4Ghz TX's. A frequency board for those still flying on 72mhz will be available on the flightline. The NEAT Fair will not be responsible for policing the 72mhz band. 72 mhz pilots are responsible for returning the pin in a timely manor. We will not be chasing down pilots "hogging" the pin.

Hand launch/Discus Launch Gliders

There will be NO flying of unpowered hand launch or discus launch gliders during the 9AM-5PM show hours. Outside of show hours, pilots of these models may coordinate with the other pilots for use of the airspace/runway.

Flying Off The Pond

Flying off the pond will only be allowed with 2.4ghz radios during the entire show. Models MUST meet the AMA'S Park Flyer definition of less than 2 lbs RTF and less than 60MPH top speed. Make your way to the pond on the far south end of the field (right side, facing the runway) being sure to stay OUTSIDE the field boundries. Fly from the south shore.

Model retrieval in the middle of the pond is your own responsibility!

The no flying alone rule also applies. You must bring a NON-flying spotter with you.

A maximum of 2 models in the air at a time will be enforced. Models must be flown in the airspace close to the pond. Do not fly over the "park flyer" or the "heavier fixed wing" areas.

Four Flightlines

There will be four flightlines set-up at the show. 6 “racetrack” flight stations at show center for heavier fixed-wing aircraft open to all FCC allowed model radio frequencies.

3D flying will be permitted only in the first 10 minutes at the top of the hours of 10AM,11AM, 2PM and 3PM Friday & Saturday on 3 of the six stations. Flights will only last 5 minutes to allow 2 groups of 3 to fly during this time.

6 “park flyer” fixed-wing flight stations on the south end of the field (far right side. all models MUST be on 2.4ghz radios because of the distance to the frequency board. 3D flying on the south-most station only.

4 flight stations next to the north (far left side) for 1 cell fixed wing models and 2 cell models that weigh less than 9oz ready to fly and MUST be on 2.4ghz radios because of the distance to the frequency board.

On the far north end of the field (across the dirt road near the gravel pit) will be 2 flight stations for rotary wing aircraft only (which includes tri, quad or more rotary air-vehicles). All rotary winged air-vehicles MUST be on 2.4ghz radios because of the distance to the frequency board. AutoGyros that weigh less than 24 ounces ready to fly, may fly on any frequency band at the slow flyer stations. Autogyros heavier than 24 ounces must make special arrangements with NEAT Fair officials and may be flown on any band.

Noise Limitations

There will be NO flying of “noisy” pusher prop or ducted fan aircraft between the hours of 9PM to 8AM.

US Pilots

All pilots must hold a current AMA card (and have it available) to fly at the Fair.

Canadian Pilots

Please note that we cannot accept foreign drafted checks or money orders. All payments must be made through US banks. Many foreign banks offer International Money Orders drafted against US banks. If this is a real problem, fill out the pre-registration form on our website and put in the “comments box” a note saying you will pay at the field in "good old US greenbacks" and we will honor the pre-registration rates. Canadian pilots must be a member of the MAAC and bring their card with them.

Other Non-US Pilots

Depending on your country of origin, you may be required to join the AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) to fly at the fair. Please check with them at www.modelaircraft.org to see if your insurance is acceptable to the AMA. It may require you to email them for this information.


Pre-registration steps:

1. Fill out form (at the link below) and hit “send”.

2. You should receive an email confirmation and amount to send to the NEAT Fair for pilot fees, plus any tee-shirt or hat orders.

3. Get your checkbook and make a check out to SEFLI/NEAT for amount returned by the email. You do not have to send in a copy of the registration form, just the check.

4. Mail the check to:

222 Townline Rd
Commack, NY 11725

5. Alternate payment: Logon to your paypal account (www.paypal.com) and using the "send money" tab send the required amount to: neatfair@live.com. WE DO NOT SEND payment requests! It is up to you to initiate the transaction! If the email address of your paypal account does not match the one you registered with, please make sure in there is some identification who the payment is for!

6. Practice your flying until September!

Pilot pre-registration form

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