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If you have never been to the show, check out the action from previous fairs at the links below.
Yes, we are still planning to have the 2020 show.

Please keep an eye on this page and follow along here: NEAT 2020 for the latest information.

update 7-31-20
COVID-19 protocols and requirements

Assuming the State of New York does not regress into earlier Covid-19 Restrictions by the time of the show, here are the requirements for attending the show. Anyone who does not feel they can meet these requirements should stay home and request a refund to neatfair@optonline.net if any monies have already been paid. Credit for 2021 could also be given instead of a refund.

Attendees/workers must not be experiencing any of the Covid-19 symptoms (fever, cough, loss of smell/taste, difficulty breathing, etc) prior to coming to the show.

Attendees/workers that have had Covid-19 must be free of the virus/symptoms for at least 14 days prior to arriving at the show.

Attendees/workers must wear face coverings while on ANY of the 4 flight lines, at the HQ or vendor tents and are STRONGLY advised anytime when not in your own compound.

Attendees/workers must must adhere to any other restrictions the Campsite may impose.

The Show will provide hand sanitizer at the HQ tent as well as have a few masks for those that forget them at their compound.

The show reserves the right to add further restrictions/requirements as required by State and CDC guidelines.
Pre registration for the 2020 show is now open!
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